Personalize your flower vase

This is a fun gift for anyone. You will need to get a clear vase. This one cost $1.00 at the Dollar Store. 

clear vase


You will also need a variety of tissue paper.  These came right off the rack in the greeting card section!  Variety of colored tissue papers will make your flowers stand out!

tissue paper


Depending on the size you want your flowers to be, you will cut the a stack (preferably three) of tissue paper. Same size all around.  Then on a flat surface start folding the paper, as shown. Then using a craft pipe cleaner tie the middle of the folded paper, as shown. Cut the ends of the paper to make an oval design ( you may also get creative with cutting the ends.)

tissue paper cut






Carefully unwrap each tissue and form into a flower shape.  Set aside your tissue flowers and gather your plastic flowers, snip them as long as you want them to be to fit the vase. 


flower supplies


variety flowers

pic print



Print out your photo/image. Get creative by cutting the edge along the image with craft scissors or stickers.  Now carefully place your picture into the vase and arrange your plastic flowers and tissue paper flowers into the vase!  mix flowers


finalYour personalized gift is complete! 


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