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Round Rock drive

My drive home

Driving home after work can be tiresome.  Other times, it can be relaxing when you see the gorgeous open spaces full of beautiful sights.  This day I decided to take this picture showing off the crisp colors of winter.  This is on my drive home in Round Rock, Arizona.


Staying connected to home.

Hope begins at home…

“Kodi, Ginabaa’.”  I can hear my grandma as my little feet pitter pattered after her. We are herding sheep miles from home in the heat as we follow the herd of sheep and goats.  My life began on this beautiful open land.  My faith began following my grandma around.  Throughout the years, I have learned Read More

Rez windmill

Windmill in the sunset

Living in the rural area, I often overlook the beauty around me. On this particular evening, my husband and I drove to a nearby town where there is a restaurant to have dinner. On the way back we decided to capture some images of the open fields. This windmill sat quietly in the warm evening and I captured this image quickly before the sun went down. This image was taken in northern Arizona on the Navajo reservation near Mexican Water, Arizona.

Navajo hairbun

Navajo hairbun

A Navajo traditional hair bun “tsiiyeel” could be made on a male or female person.  However, a female may be able to set up her hair bun with hair accessories like this particular picture.  Otherwise, a white yarn is utilized to tie the hair up.  An individual could make their hair like this on a daily Read More

Downtown Charlotte

Downtown Charlotte in hotel car

Nascar Hall of Fame

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Nascar Hall of Fame

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Downtown Charlotte