My kids love the outdoors!

Happy horse ridingGrandma and grandpa’s house is the place to be for my little ones! The vast open fields and the cool clean crisp air as you walk out of my parent’s home is the life for me and my little ones.  One of the greatest treasures of living in the country is how therapeutic it can be for one.  I recall growing up and visiting my grandparent’s home and enjoying the endless playing fields.  My grandfather owned several horses but he had one that I loved to ride because it was so calm and patient with me. This horse was my best friend during my pre-teen years, I shared my secrets with this horse! I grew up having so much respect for horses and how it felt like I could be with my best friend when I needed that time.  

Horses are common in our traditional way of life.  There are even horse songs that are sung for blessings and comfort.  My greatest memory is riding my grandpa’s horse and enjoying the freedom! 

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