My fried chicken from scratch

So last night, my little sister came over and she decided to teach me a basic recipe to make delicious fried chicken! Took some time cooking over medium heat but they were so delicious!! Here is a picture of my fried chicken, I added a side of noodles too. Yummy! Took me close to 45 minutes which included clean up time. Next time I will add more seasonings and make more side dishes. 



-Ten pieces of thighs and drumsticks.

-Cup of unbleached flour,

-Dash of seasoning salt (your choice of seasoning),

-4  eggs and your uncooked chicken.  

Heat your skillet on medium heat. 

Mix flour, seasonings in a medium size bowl.  Crack the eggs into a separate mixing bowl.  Take each chicken and dip into the bowl with eggs and cover it completely with eggs then dip into the flour bowl, then transfer to the a heated skillet with a 1/4 cup of corn oil. Turn each chicken over every few minutes, total cooking time depends on your stove heating and also when your chicken no longer runs red in the middle. Transfer each chicken to a plate layered with a napkin to absorb oil drippings. 

Total estimated preparation: 10 minutes

Total cooking time: 30 minutes

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