I love colors!

my coloring


I often wondered what kind of a mother I would be, not like we have only a few categories to choose from! Lol. I used to think gosh, I just know I will be the greatest mother on earth! Anything my children want to do or wish for, I will make it come true for them! Well, that did not last.

Yes, I did learn pretty fast that every single one of my children is different in their own ways and I have learned one important lesson, I have to color each moment despite it being the perfect moment or the most craziest moment! Which is why I love to color, not only does it calm me but it grounds me each time. I realize that every single color I use is different and I can make it as colorful or light as I want.


The greatest lesson I have taken from being a mommy is that I have control over my colors and I can brighten my every day despite if my day is the craziest or not. 

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