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Welcome to Gina’s blog ~ Connect with Gina site.

Many awesome things will come your way on a regular basis from scrapbooking to greeting card development to inspiring quotes to printables and so much more!  I love taking pictures and designing many awesome projects from graduation cards, birthday cards to wedding invites. I will teach you the basics so you can start making your awesome creations! I have provided you some of my personal photos so you can get to know me as well! Enjoy your time here and send me your information too!  ~gina~

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One of my favorite things to do is color or doodle. My son always asks why I “air write?” Haha. Have you ever heard of that? Well, apparently, when I am deep in thoughts I tend to write in the air actually spelling out the words while I am speaking. I started to wonder about this and started to observe family members who may also do this. My mother is an expert at this! Haha. They say you sometimes pick up skills or even habits of your parents, well there you go! 

My favorite past times has always been coloring and the beautiful colors!! I will post a picture of my writing tools from markers to pencils to pens! I love color! So try this out next time, tear a page from your child’s coloring book and start coloring! Oh gosh, crayons cost only .50 so buy extra boxes! Get creative! 


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