Navajo hairbun

Navajo hairbun

A Navajo traditional hair bun “tsiiyeel” could be made on a male or female person.  However, a female may be able to set up her hair bun with hair accessories like this particular picture.  Otherwise, a white yarn is utilized to tie the hair up.  An individual could make their hair like this on a daily Read More

Navajo burger

Navajo burger w/friedbread!

If you have been to the Navajo Reservation or have eaten at a border town of the reservation, you will find food items on the menu from Navajo tacos to a variety of stews.  If you have not tasted a Navajo burger yet, this should be your next venturous meal! I eat my Navajo burger Read More


Navajo traditional girl

Here is a picture of my little girl dressed in a Navajo traditional outfit.  She loves dressing up when we participate in family activities.  This picture was taken at my sister’s graduation event at Arizona State University in Arizona.  My mother made her outfit and fixed up her hair with a nice hair accessory.  


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Navajo burgers pic!