Where is my weekend….

san diego1

San Diego trip

            I love San Diego! Here are some pictures taken from our hotel room.  I would love to have this as my view! Beautiful!


Happy Father’s Day!

Every year on this day, I reminisce about the male figures in my life who have touched my life as a “father” figure.  I think first of my grandfather who raised me and gave me one important skill, to be fearless.  I was also raised by my uncles who have played and continue to play Read More

My mom

This is my mom! Oh I love my mother for everything she has provided for me and has continued to be there for me. I look back at the many challenges in my life and my mom and my grandmother have always been there for me. I love them today and every day. Cherish and Read More


My little sis and I

  In life you find people who make your life way more interesting and fun! I am so grateful I have that in my little sister, did I mention she is my only biological sister too? Sheronnabah or Roni, for short, is my little sister who allows me to be who I am and compliments me Read More


Having fun in Vegas!

Vegas is treating me right so far! I have been here since Saturday and so far I have shopped, ate so much and cruised the streets. Lol. Came here for a broadcasting conference, one of the largest events i have seen so far! I learned so much today, amazes me so much of how our Read More


Drive through Flagstaff

Gorgeous drive home yesterday. Phoenix was nice and warm then this drive changed it all back. I still loved the sight of snow though! This is Flagstaff, Arizona coming in from the south. 


Easter family fun

One of my greatest moments with my family is Easter! Many of my extended relatives usually come home for Easter and we have a nice potluck with an egg hunt for the little ones. This picture is from last year when we had our Easter activity atop a special hill overlooking our ranch area. Purple Read More