About me!

 geeHi there! I am Gina, aka Geneva.  I live in Arizona with my three children, two handsome boys, and one beautiful daughter.  My husband and I have been together since high school! Basically grew up together!  I am a wife, mother, blogger, graphic designer, teacher, and educational consultant. 

Connect with Gina will bring you my personal touch to what I do almost in my daily life and will share them with you! Of course, it is overwhelming to juggle many things as a mother so for me, I begin my day with an inspirational boost! Usually from motivational quotes/pictures which I will share with you too.  

On my page, you will find teacher downloadable forms, pictures that I have taken on my own and only request you provide credit when you are going to utilize them for yourself, your classroom or in the workplace.  I appreciate your time here and come visit my other page www.inlovewithnavajoteaching.com which is focused on Navajo teaching information!  Have a great day!


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