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rainbow over valley

Beautiful home

Gorgeous rainbow over our hometown of Rock Point, Arizona.  


Utah/Arizona – Navajo Mountain

On my way home from Nevada, I drove through Page, Az to Kayenta, Az. This beautiful mountain stands out so strong. I captured this photo in the morning with the sun hitting it from the east. In Navajo, the mountain is called Naatsis’áán.


Lukachukai Mountain

For over four years, I have been driving from home to work each day and have seen this beautiful mountain go through changing seasons.  Such a gorgeous breathtaking view each time.  Lukachukai mountain is located in Lukachukai, Arizona. 


One of my greatest quotes of all time:  “Knowledge is power!” One of my favorite places to be! The library.  I love the smell of information and wonderful knowledge.  I feel that when you continue to learn and grasp wonderful information, not only are informed but more aware.  Reading anything from the newspaper to a Read More

dream car

Always dream big..

Saw this on my son’s laptop as his wallpaper! Awesome inspiration!  Thought I share it here! “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done!”  


Sunrise. Rock Point, Az.

The sunrise is gorgeous. I captured this one on my way to work in my hometown of Rock Point, Arizona. 

Navajo frybread

The famous “frybread!”  Here is a picture of a frybread I recently purchased from a roadside concession stand for $1.50.  The usual ingredients for a frybread include flour, baking powder, and salt.  I have learned from other Navajos that they put other ingredients in there to make the frybread fluffier and puffier.  On this day, Read More


Enjoy the blessings each day!

Time and time, we seem to get too busy and forget to truly enjoy those precious moments.  I admit I do that and often remind myself to look around at my life and the daily moments that won’t come again.  Enjoy the blessings. ~ Gina 

be thankful

Be Thankful

Throughout my life journey, I have experienced many downfalls and painful moments.  I learned that I am in control of my life and how I live it today, not how my childhood has played out.  These positive reminders have provided me the opportunity to see life more positively and acceptable.  Today, I am grateful for Read More